About us

    As a leading provider in the painting industry, we take pride in offering the highest quality painting services at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our community each and every day. All Pro Painting & Services LLC was created in 2012 with the single goal of providing quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices. In 2016, All Pro Painting & Services LLC added a partner and project manager to help insure each job goes smoothly from start to finish. All Pro Painting & Services LLC employees take pride in their work and we wont pull off a job unless the customer is 100% happy! We come fully insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance. NO subcontractors will be painting on YOUR property!

The Mission of All Pro

   Our mission is to not only get our customers, but to keep them for years to come. We pledge to always be open and fair in our dealings with our customers. We will focus on our customers needs and earn their respect by building long term relationships based on mutual respect and total customer satisfaction. We will at all times provide knowledgeable, convenient, on, time, and cheerful sales, and services.

   We will be competitive in our pricing, policies and never forgetting that the customer is our lifeblood. We will create an environment in which our coworkers can continue their training, improve their skills, self motivation and can set and achieve their personal goals.

   Our goal is to have customers who believe we are the best company to meet their needs, employees who can't think of a better place to let their skills shine, suppliers excited enough to call us their favorite account and communities that consider us a fine example of what business should be.

Our Ethical Code

  • By encouraging only projects that are financially and structurally sound.
  • By being licensed by local authorities and following local requirements.
  • By providing written specifications for the required project according to manufacturer specifications and industry standards.
  • By providing a professional appraisal of the customers needs.
  • By keep appointments at the agreed upon time. (If a conflict arises to call the customer and reschedule prior to appointment.)
  • By providing a professional, courteous reception when the customer calls with an inquiry, or a request for a bid.
  • By making no false claims or promises in advertising.
  • By providing proof of insurance to customers.
  • By fulfilling contract obligations.
  • By providing any manufacturer warranties when applicable.
  • By maintaining communications with the customer regarding any changes in schedule, scope of work or unforeseen conditions.
  • By providing safe work conditions according to industry standards.
  • By being professionally responsive to owner service calls.
  • By staying up-to-date on the newest educational programs.
  • By aspiring towards 100% customer satisfaction.

The All Pro Promise

  • We promise to only send qualified and experienced painters to your project.
  • We promise there will be no alcohol or drugs (We drug test all our employees and managing partners randomly).
  • We promise we will respect your property.
  • We promise we will leave your property in better condition than how we found it.
  • We promise we will not pull off the job until the job is done.
  • We promise we will show up on time.
  • We promise to be courteous and considerate the entire time we are there.
  • We promise we will keep our shirts on at all times and maintain a neat and professional look.
  • We promise we will not play loud music.
  • We promise we will not use foul language.
  • We promise to use the best products and deliver the best service on the market.

We are located out of Manchester, CT by Buckland Hills Mall.